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” I got excellent range and
quality of Scissors on Mesaad. 

John Woh

” Mesaad supplied us with Medical instruments when Our Company was opened in 2004. Over 3000 individual line items were ordered and every single one of them was supplied within 5 weeks of receiving the purchase order. We were delighted by this achievement that allowed our Company to open on time and we are very happy with the quality of the Medical instruments since that time.”

Ansel Aldis


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Surgical Instruments
Dental Instruments
Beauty instruments
Our Vision
and information at your
At Mesaad & Company.,

At Mesaad & Company, we believe that success comes from cooperation. We put all our com....

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Our Mission
our company's history
We are dedicated to the

We are dedicated to the search of humanity for a longer, healthier, and happier life through innovation of medical de....

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Our Strategy
with our business company
Our strategy is based on

Our strategy is based on serving niche markets well. What begins as a customized product, t....

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11-02-2013 Posted by admin
A scalpel is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection, and various arts and crafts. Scalpels may be disposable or re-usable, re-usable scalpels can have attached, resharpenable blades or, more commonly, non-attached, replaceable blades. Disposable scalpels usually have a plastic handle with an extensible.....
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11-02-2013 Posted by admin
Unpowered Bone
Unpowered bone cutting implements include many varieties of hacksaw and sabre saw In many applications, the saw is used in specialized jigs to provide accurate, measurable cuts, e.g. in knee surgery. Specialized saws such as the Gigli saw, a cable made of sharp strands of wire, are also used in some procedures. .....
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